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I swear their bromance is probably the best bromance I have ever seen in a drama. They are hot and so cute and I ship it. I ship it extra hard since Li Tong clearly has a big crush on his best friend. I’m sorry but I’m such a sucker for a one-sided love, especially when it’s a gay guy crushing on his straight best friend. Just look at how he looks at him.

Gay crush feels aside, their bromance was just the cutest.

the straight guys who love gays are the best and worst thing ever. (I’m sorry but Dodo, I love ya girl but get lost. It should be Never Give Up Li Tong and a story of he and Xu Fei’s road to marriage. I think I like that better).

SN: Can I get a hot guy friend that would take showers with me everyday too. I mean I am in college now and I did fairly good this semester sooooo…c’mon santa make it happen for the holidays. Please and thank you.

tell me this show… omgggggg